55th Reunion Pictures
Tour of Rhodes High School on Friday, October 10th, 2014
Rhodes Hall of Fame Dinner and Induction of Nancy (Wagner) Elliott - Friday, October 10, 2014
Erika (Jordan) Wagner introduced Nancy and provided information on her accomplishments in plant breeding. Nancy (Wagner) Elliott accepted the award (shown with her daughter and grandson in third photo). Nancy's family from L.A. attended the dinner. Nancy lives in Yuma, AZ, where she continues her work in plant breeding.
Arlene (Santore) Mobley, Cathy Heiser, Tim Allport, Leo Aukerman, Judy (Rath) Aukerman, Toni Deatherage, Donna (Friedl )Hessel
Clockwise from left: Mary Lou (Ahrendt) Maechner, Kathy (Gasior) Wilmer; Marion and Ron Gartman; Ron and Toni Deatherage; Tom Sernka and sister Kathy; Overview of Dinner; Nancy (Wagner) and Sue (Werle) Moore.
Picnic at German Central on Saturday, October 11, 2014
Row 1: Marilyn Bradley, Carol (Croft) Gartman; Carl Swanson; Dolly (Swintek) Parisi, Gail (Pinch) Glasgow, Dick Zakel; Erika (Jordan) Wagner, Rich Nugent
Row 2: Donna (Friedl) Hessel, Karen (Brown) Smith; Bill and Gerri (Lentz) Kremer; Kathy (Gasior) Wilmer, Emil Wagner; George and Marion Fedynsky
Row 3: Judy (Rath) Aukerman, Nancy (Wagner) Elliott, Erika (Jordan) Wagner, Theresa Ormandy; Judy (Rath) Aukerman, Linda (Mielke) Dempsey; Jim Motz; Cathy Heiser
Row 4: Bill and Betty (Swasey) Kohl, Bob and Nancy (Ritchie) Craigie; Alan Lakis, Dick Zakel; Linda and Jay Buesch; Sandy (Yendrick) and Ed Rybicki
Row 5: Gail (Pinch) Glasgow, Dolly (Swintek) Parisi; Peg Ryan; Carl Swanson, Bill Louka; Ron and Gerry (Malumphy) Holderbaum
Row 6: Unknown; Toni and Ron Deatherage; Rosemarie (Malina) and Joe Guta; Rich and Cathy Nugent
Row 7: Ed and Sandy (Yendrick) Rybicki, Tom Sernka and sister Kathy; Gail (Pinch) Glasgow, Peg Ryan, Harriett (McMichael) Majoros; Sue (Werle) Moore, Linda (Mielke) Dempsey